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Here is some advice on buying wood!

Selecting the Right Firewood: Advice from a Chippenham Chimney Sweep
Many Chippenham chimney sweeps are complete professionals in everything chimney-related. As such, you might be surprised as to the advice one can offer you!
This article looks at some of the best advice on making sure you choose the right fuel to feed your fire.
Firewood: Advice from a Chippenham Chimney Sweep
Did you know that up to 45% of your firewood can be made of water?
Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t – but it’s absolutely true. And it doesn’t take an expert to tell you that water isn’t the best burner.
When you’re looking for the best quality firewood for your fire, you really need to think about what’s in it. According to expert chimney sweeps in Chippenham, the best quality firewood contains between 20-25% water – this is known as ‘seasoned firewood’ and will generally burn better, burn longer and provide more heat.
So what else do Chippenham chimney sweeps have to advise about the firewood you buy?
It’s not all about what you buy…
That’s right. Buying the right firewood is only actually half the battle – if you want to give your fire the very best, you need to make sure you store it properly.
Here is a list of points to help you store the wood for best possible condition and the most welcoming possible fire:

Keep it covered. Rain, snow, intense heat… it can all have an impact on your firewood. If you’re storing your wood in exposed areas, remember to keep it protected from the influence of the environment

Keep it off the ground. Even well covered wood can get damp if it’s on the ground, as water from the ground can soak upwards into it. Try keeping your firewood an inch or two above ground so it is free of the effect

Encourage circulation. Although you’ll want your wood to be protected from the environment, you don’t want to keep it all in a tightly confined area. A well-ventilated but sheltered area such as a shed is perfect for promoting drying and keeping away the damp

More advice from a Chippenham chimney sweep
Remember: It doesn’t matter how high the quality of your wood is, you still need to keep your stack clean. Make sure that if you use your fire regularly, you also employ a chimney sweep regularly. Not only can a decent Chippenham chimney sweep offer sound advice and expert input on chimney-related matters, but he or she will be able to keep your chimney in good shape and ready for anything, without the mess and without the dangers an open fire can pose.

Fully Equipped for Business. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of equipment a chimney sweep brings into your home in Bath – it’s all for a purpose. Sometimes for example, a chimney sweep will bring tools such as CCTV inspection devices for remotely monitoring the state of your chimney, and will more often than not have an assortment of brushes, ladders, smoke test devices and other such gadgets and gizmos

Confident. The dark, narrow confines of your Bath home’s chimney might intimidate you… but for a robust, experienced Bath chimney sweep, tackling it should be a walk in the park. Don’t worry about how scary that hole looks… let the professional come in and do what he or she does best

Prompt. It’s understandable that we have jobs to go to, children to pick up and a life to live, so when you make an appointment with a chimney sweep then you should expect him or her to be prompt and on time so that you can plan to be at home to meet him or her. Most chimney sweeps in Bath will recognise the need for punctuality, and if the job you need is expected to take the full day then you shouldn’t have to worry about your Bath chimney sweep turning up late due to other customers

Above all else though, you should expect your chimney sweep to know exactly what to do, no matter what kind of chimney you have. To us, a chimney is just a hole in the house. To a chimney sweep, they come in all shapes and sizes and the chimney sweep will know how to differentiate each time to tackle the job with the highest level of efficacy.